What Is Inside My Furnace?

February 9, 2021 , Furnace Parts

If you own an inefficient furnace, it may be time to replace the furnace parts. Furnace parts include the furnace filter, the blower fan, the furnace air handler, and the furnace pilot light. Replacement of these furnace parts increases efficiency and longevity of your furnace.

Blower Fan: This furnace part makes the efficient operation of the furnace. It circulates cool air through the blower fan and ducts to the living space. Most furnace motors are vented to outside of the home. A fan that allows the warm air to reach your comfort system and air conditioning helps reduce energy costs and keeps your air conditioning working at its peak.

Heated Air Enhancer: Located in the blower vent, the heated air helps move the cool air through your home. Located in the furnace body, the furnace parts that are made of cast iron are responsible for circulating heat through your ductwork and through your air ducts to your air conditioning. The heater is also located between the blower and the air exchanger. It uses a fan to distribute the heat in an optimized fashion throughout the entire heating system. The parts of this system are extremely important since they make it possible for your furnace to work properly.

Cooling Fan: This furnace repair part aids in the circulation of hot air inside the home. It is located on the furnace blower unit. There are several styles of cooling fans that are available, and a technician trained in furnace parts will be able to identify the exact part needed. With the help of a trained professional, replacing the blower fan or adding a replacement blower can improve the efficiency of your cooling system.

Blower Duct: The furnace blower is responsible for circulating heated air throughout the house. Its size and shape as well as the function are very important. If you are experiencing issues with the circulation of the air due to clogged ductwork, it could be due to the gas furnace filter or the blower ducts. A trained technician can diagnose the exact problem and make necessary changes before completing a furnace repair or replacement job.

Heat Exchanger: Located on the furnace blower unit, the heat exchanger separates the heated air from the cool air. It is important to know if your ductwork needs to be repaired or replaced because if it isn’t operating properly, it can prevent the proper operation of the furnace. Because of this, qualified professionals should perform furnace repairs and furnace replacement jobs whenever necessary. The heat exchanger makes it possible for heat to escape from your home, so if it is not functioning properly, the rest of the furnace cannot work correctly either.